Jason Gilchrist (also from Edinburgh Napier) and I are visiting Kerala to try and expand the activity of the School of Life, Sports and Social Science in the region. We have been warmly welcomed at all our meetings. On Monday we went for a walk and came across the high walls of the Vadakkunnathan Temple. Not being Hindus we couldn’t go in but we decided to circumnavigate the compound.

imageAs we went around the back of the compound the high walls gave way to lower garden walls, which we peered over. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t seven elephants starring back!  Later we met their keeper.

imageimageThe elephants are kept to take part in various religious festivals, we had just missed the Anayoottu’ festival last month.  Looks like Kendra’s choice of animals for the Send a Veterinary Nurse logo was very appropriate.

imageSend a Vet Nurse Logo