imageOn Monday I was warmly welcomed by Dr. Ajithkumar (on right above) Professor of Clinical Veterinary Medicine Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University.  He directs the clinical operation of the Small Animal Hospital at the KVASU Manutthi Campus, where the Send a Veterinary Nurse Team will spend most of their time during their two weeks stay in Kerala.

The busy hospital sees 50 patients per day, from the local area and referrals from other clinics around Thirssur. There is an in patient hospital, operating theatres and a range of diagnostic facilities. Also there is a blue cross centre for rescued stray animals that is run by the veterinary students. The dogs in the rescue centre show all the signs of the hard life they have had living on the streets of Thirssur, but can at last enjoy regular food and some TLC from the veterinary students.


In contrast the patients that are bought to the clinic by their owners looked well cared for.  One thing I didn’t expect to see was an overweight Daschund!

I met with several veterinary technicians whilst I was there, easily recognised in their distinctive red lab coats, they were keen to meet with our students.

Dr. Ajithkumar told me more about the city centre veterinary clinic and arranged for me to go an meet the director there on Wednesday.

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